a strange conversation

So, IDs tonight, eh?

Yeah, they’re SO much fun, how r u doin

O you know same old same old, getting bumped everytime you hit a key or click, but I don’t mind- that’s what I’m here for.

Thanks man, I don’t suppose you could just like… do them for me

Ha ha ha, …no

Awww, why not?

Because! I’m a computer- I store information, I don’t compile it into comprehensible A getting work

…did I ask for comprehensible A getting work?

No, but since this conversation is all in your head does it really matter?

No, I guess it doesn’t…maybe I should post this as a note on facebook- everyone will think I’m a complete nut- or that I’m insanely creative, one of the two.

Yeah, feel free to quote me.

Ok, maybe I will. Any last thoughts to share with our potential readers?

Save Early, Save Often. This is your computer, signing off.


April 26th

On April 26th,
You would expect to see,
Flowers blooming,
Pinks, reds, yellows,
The chartreuse green
Of new growth
Smattering the trees and bushes
With victory and life

In February,
You might rejoice
At three days
Of 40 degree
Weather in a row
With light snows
But not on April 26th.

On April 26th,
If it's under 50,
You want to cry,
If it dares snow,
You think you might die,
You wonder why you've never moved
Why you still love your home
There's no place like it
This is




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Why I love the Son

The Son shines with life bringing light
Everything it touches grows
It brings warmth to the body
It brings warmth to the soul
It renews, relaxes, refreshes.

When it's covered by clouds,
my soul feels empty
I wither
Thunder rolls in the air and in my thoughts
I cry for no reason
my emotions, a tornado, out of control

I must remember the Son is still there
The clouds are only temporary
He will shine through again- He never left
It was only circumstance that tried to convince me of that

So be encouraged my soul
this too will pass
and the Son will shine in all it's glory
and the world will sing again
to the King of Kings most Holy.


What a Girl Wants

Most people would say love
or money
or jewels
or a husband

but few would say clarity
I just want to know
where the lines are.
I feel like i'm driving
A car with a stiff steering wheel
on a road
at night
with a really bad fog
and no head lights.

I want to be able to see what's in front of me
so i can deal with it
and keep going
so that when i come to some obstacle
I can avoid it
slow down, go around
or speed up, blast through.

I want to know what you're thinking
when you look at me like that
I want to know before you say it
so i know what to do when you say it
so i dont hurt you
cuz i love you
but i dont love you enough to go there

dont you get it?
dont you see?
I'm just not like that
that's not me

those stupid words
with their connotations
the media has twisted them
your mind and mine dont mesh you see
you think one way,
I the other

It would never work
We'd break up and it'd hurt
you think it's worth it,
I just can't
My hearts too fragile for that

I'll probably go home and cry
wishing tbere was someway

maybe somewhere else
in a differant time
with a differant plan
we could have been.

But we weren't then
We're now
And now is when we'll live and die
and fight and cry
and laugh and love

but not with each other
Maybe i'll see you again someday
while walking my children and dog in the park.
Maybe our families will hit it off
and we can be friends again

Or maybe, After college,
we'll both come back home
you'll call me up and say
"Can we try? I'm for real now,
t's not just play"

I'll ask you if you mean it
and if you really do
You'll ask my dad and he'll say yes
and we'll go get a table for two

Maybe you'll propose,
Or God will tell us both no
and either way, we'll be ok
but you know something?
I dont think that will happen
and it has nothing to do with what i wanted to say

what i want to say
is why is it like this
why cant a girl just get a little clarity

just tell me what to do God and i'll do it
Just tell me what to say and where to go
teach me what i need to learn
Lead me to a man i can love
lift me so i am strong enough to be everything i need to be
lend me your heart so i can love that much more
put me where you want me
tell me what to do
let me loose to do it,
and watch your will unfold.
I dont need it all at once,
just the piece ahed of mine.
If I know what's coming up i'll be able to prepare better
Please God?
Just a hint?